Alliance for Feminist Movements

Meet the Steering Group


Dear Members

Below we are excited to introduce to you the first members of our Steering Group.

Look out for more updates and activities and opportunities to engage with the Steering Group in the upcoming months.

National Government Representatives

“If selected to the Steering Group, Canada would seek to leverage our global leadership role in gender equality and support for feminist movements and organizations.”

“In its commitments towards GEF, the government among others has committed to increase and improve resources for feminist movements and to mobilize political support for them.”

Private Philanthropy

“FJS has a responsibility to movements to bring more and better funding to groups led by women, girls, and LGBTQI people that address root causes of injustice. Serving on the Alliance’s Steering Group alongside feminist organizations and funders would be an extension of our commitment to mobilizing resources for feminist movements.”

“Ford Foundation is interested in solidifying and expanding its partnerships with other funders (governments and philanthropy) and feminist movements with a view to strengthening multilateralism, global governance and the global feminist agenda.”

Feminist Civil Society

APWLD will help to “nurture the Alliance as not only a critical feminist co-learning and solidarity building space but also its structure to be participatory, power shifting/sharing and accountable to the feminist movements, especially those farthest from the global reach.”

“Our idea is to be able to join forces with, and serve as a link for other local women’s organizations or smaller ones that have not yet been able to be part of the Alliance to join and while they do so, be spokespersons for them in the space.”

“Even as multistakeholderism faces various challenges today, we see great potential in the collaborative approach to multistakeholderism envisioned by the Alliance. We understand the passion, patience and persistence needed to fully realize this potential and ensure meaningful collaborations.” 

Women's / Feminist Funds

“As a global funder with deep history and experience in our field, Mama Cash can support the Alliance in bridging the gap between intent and practice. We draw on knowledge and expertise gained through our shift to participatory grantmaking, as well as our well established donor advocacy work to shape funder collaboratives and funding mechanisms.”

“We believe that WFA will bring to this multistakeholder alliance a critical perspective and politics which is deep rooted in our identities, post-colonial experiences, as well as our lived realities as a southern based feminist fund, as well as those of the communities we serve.”

“We wish to bring to the Steering Committee of the Alliance our expertise and multifaceted experiences and our in-depth knowledge of the French-speaking women’s movement, the links between international cooperation, philanthropy, public aid and advocacy levers at the local, regional and international level.”

Non-voting seat for the host organization

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