Alliance for Feminist Movements

Catch Up On The Alliance March Updates


Dear Members

It has been close to 6 months since the Alliance for Feminist Movements officially launched. This period has focused on the relationship-building that we understand as key to “priming the pump” for the Alliance to deliver on its potential. 

Thank you to the over 70 members who joined us for the Alliance Meet & Greet session on 9 March on the margins of CSW. We appreciated the opportunity to connect in person with many of you. We hope to repeat this format at future convenings where a critical mass of Alliance members are assembled – please send us your suggestions!

We were also thrilled to have the first-ever in-person meeting of the Alliance for Feminist Movements Steering Group. In this meeting the Steering Group provided important guidance for the process behind the Alliance Learning & Solutions Hubs and also reflected on the key messages the Alliance needs to be taking into different spaces. 

We’ll soon have highlights from our survey of the feminist CSO members of the Alliance – who make up close to two-thirds of our membership. We look forward to getting to know these members better and hearing more from them in the calls planned for 29 March. If you are from a feminist CSO and haven’t registered already, details are available below.
  Images from Alliance for Feminist Movements’ Meet and Greet, CSW 20.

Images from Alliance for Feminist Movements’ Meet and Greet, CSW 2023