Alliance for Feminist Movements

Funding Feminist Movements



As the hustle and bustle of the Women Deliver 2023 Conference starts to fade into a distant memory, we take a moment to recap on what we heard echoed across the different spaces.

Secretariat staff alongside many members of the Alliance for Feminist Movements attended the conference, to continue engaging with and pushing forward conversations around increasing financial and political support for feminist movements. As the question of how best to counter anti-rights organizing reverberated across the conference halls, the issue of funding feminist movements also took prominence with many sessions dedicated to discuss the feminist funding ecosystem. 
Alliance members amplified the call for more and better funding for feminist movements through a wide variety of interactive panels and sessions. Several key themes emerged throughout including: 
The possibilities that already exist to provide flexible, long-term, core funding to feminist organizations. 
The critical importance of funding young feminist movements directly.
The need for greater coordination across the ecosystem given some of the restrictions donors currently face, while we simultaneously work to loosen those restrictions. 
The dangers of current understandings of risk that prevent funds from reaching grassroots movements directly.
The necessity of flexibility, trust and mutual accountability in our funding practices given the diverse contexts feminist movements operate in.
The imperative for improved organizing and more funding for feminist movements in order to gain momentum in response to the growing backlash of anti-rights movements.