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Benefits, Opportunities and Responsibilities of Membership

Benefits, Opportunities and Responsibilities of Membership


Benefits and Opportunities

  • Coordinate and engage with actors across the Alliance membership to enhance our collective impact and explore collaborative solutions to our shared challenges by engaging in Working Groups and community activities
  • Build and deeper relationships with groups across the Alliance membership 
  • Inform Alliance agendas and priorities and contribute to a coordinated global effort to amplify and support the work of feminist movements
  • Opportunities to feature your organization’s work and learnings in Alliance activities  
  • Opportunities for leaders to engage in dialogues and exchanges across the Alliance membership 
  • Opportunities to advocate with and on behalf of the Alliance’s goals and objectives, including leveraging high-level engagement 
  • Select Steering Group members for your constituency (benefit not available to members of the “Other Allies” constituency currently)


  • Abide by the Shared Principles and Commitments in all interactions and engagements in and with the Alliance 
  • Participate in Steering Group selection process for your constituency (responsibility not currently relevant for members of the “Other Allies” constituency) 
  • Participate in Alliance activities (e.g. join at least one Alliance activity (e.g., webinar) or Working Group annually)
  • Respond to requests for information, surveys, etc. from the Alliance Secretariat, as needed
  • Alliance members providing funding are also encouraged to report on their activities using the OECD gender marker where relevant