Alliance for Feminist Movements

Alliance Membership Criteria

Feminist Civil Society

Feminist civil society are organizations that promote women’s, girls’, trans and/or intersex peoples’ human rights as their primary mission, not just a part of their programs, and are led by the people they aim to serve. Feminist civil society groups do not need to be registered to be part of this constituency.

Private Philanthropy

Private philanthropy are donor institutions whose primary function is grantmaking and do not solicit funds from other donors, and donor networks whose primary function is to coordinate memberships of private foundations.

National Government

National governments include donor and non-donor governments elected through an internationally recognized democratic process. National governments may be represented by whichever agency or Ministry the national government deems to be most appropriate. Multiple agencies or Ministries may be participants in the Alliance.

Other Allies

Other allies includes, but is not limited to, multilateral funders and agencies, civil society organizations that do not meet the criteria for “feminist civil society” above, public foundations, academia, and / or sub-national governments. Institutions within this constituency group will be identified publicly. Individual actors that support the Alliance’s objectives may join under this constituency group. Individuals will not be identified publicly on the Alliance's website.

Women's & Feminist Funds

Women's / feminist funds are public fundraising foundations that work to realize the power of grassroots women, girls, and trans” people around the world by providing them with financial and other resources to realize their vision of social justice and networks representing women's / feminist funds. In the context of the Alliance, the primary purpose of women's / feminist funds is to resource, strengthen the capacities of, accompany, and convene grassroots feminist and women's rights organizations, activists, networks, and movements. Public foundations and other types of intermediary funders are not considered to be part of the women’s / feminist funds constituency group for the Alliance.

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