Alliance for Feminist Movements

Membership Application Form

Institutional Information

The full name of the institution, its location, and its sector, will be displayed on the Alliance’s website. Individuals not affiliated with an institution will not be identified individually on the website.

The information gathered in this form will be used to assess the membership application, establish a point of contact, and provide initial information to shape the Alliance’s work plans.

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To determine which constituency group you belong to, please consult the Alliance's constituency definitions
Focal Point

Multiple members of an institution can be part of the Alliance’s work and communications. The focal point will be contacted by the Secretariat for governance matters (e.g., selecting Steering Group leaders) or any questions about the institution’s membership.

Other interested participants

Please include the names, titles, and email addresses of other members of your institution that are interested in being part of the Alliance.

Pillars of work

My institution is most interested in being part of the following pillars of work of the Alliance (check all that apply)

The answer to this question will help the Alliance design its work plan. It will have no impact on the membership application. For more information about the pillars of work, Please refer here.
Learning Hubs
Strategic Coordination
Advocacy and Strategic Communications
General Community Activities

Shared Principles and Commitments

The Alliance for Feminist Movements reviews all applications received. The Alliance reserves the right at all times to reject applications or terminate membership arrangements that do not respect the Shared Principles and Commitments established, or otherwise conflict with, the policies and practices of the Alliance.